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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Stock on the Move ! 03Nov2011

These stocks are picked on the basis of various techncial filters like consalidation breakout, high volume, stochastic cross-overs etc.
Stocks having excellent liquidity are picked.
Keep the stoploss just below the lower level of consolidation support line.
Resisatce calculation is automatic so is error prone.


Strong BUY at 334.70------AEGISCHEM RESISTANCE AT 336.40 upside 0.51
Strong BUY at 246.55------AHLWEST RESISTANCE AT 278.00 upside 12.76
Strong BUY at 67.65------ANSALHSG RESISTANCE AT 72.40 upside 7.02
STRONG BUY at 158.95------BASML RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
STRONG BUY at 570.15------BBTC RESISTANCE AT 572.35 upside 0.39
STRONG BUY at 40.60------BPL RESISTANCE AT 42.15 upside 3.82
STRONG BUY at 38.95------BRANDHOUSE RESISTANCE AT 40.70 upside 4.49
STRONG BUY at 67.95------CLUTCHAUTO RESISTANCE AT 70.20 upside 3.31
BUY at 586.70-------ESABINDIA RESISTANCE AT 594.90 upside 1.40
BUY at 236.40-------EVERESTIND RESISTANCE AT 238.55 upside 0.91
STRONG BUY at 104.05------GOACARBON RESISTANCE AT 106.55 upside 2.40
Strong BUY at 43.55------HELIOSMATH RESISTANCE AT 45.40 upside 4.25
Strong BUY at 145.20------HSIL RESISTANCE AT 149.40 upside 2.89
BUY at 291.55-------INDNIPPON RESISTANCE AT 292.85 upside 0.45
Strong BUY at 33.00------INDUSFILA RESISTANCE AT 33.35 upside 1.06
STRONG BUY at 56.50------ISMTLTD RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
STRONG BUY at 138.75------JAGRAN RESISTANCE AT 140.00 upside 0.90
BUY at 195.25-------JAYSREETEA RESISTANCE AT 204.00 upside 4.48
STRONG BUY at 95.55------JBMA RESISTANCE AT 99.40 upside 4.03
STRONG BUY at 890.05------JETAIRWAYS RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
STRONG BUY at 59.10------JUMBO RESISTANCE AT 64.00 upside 8.29
STRONG BUY at 69.15------KOHINOOR RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
Strong BUY at 1987.60------KOTAKGOLD RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
Strong BUY at 52.10------KRBL RESISTANCE AT 52.95 upside 1.63
STRONG BUY at 40.70------LOGIXMICRO RESISTANCE AT 44.90 upside 10.32
Strong BUY at 102.80------MAHINDFORG RESISTANCE AT 108.80 upside 5.84
BUY at 437.60-------MAHSEAMLES RESISTANCE AT 456.00 upside 4.20
STRONG BUY at 215.10------MAYTASINFR RESISTANCE AT 220.00 upside 2.28
STRONG BUY at 155.05------MCDHOLDING RESISTANCE AT 158.80 upside 2.42
STRONG BUY at 58.75------PARABDRUGS RESISTANCE AT 60.50 upside 2.98
BUY at 103.80-------POWERGRID RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00
Strong BUY at 519.45------RELIGARE RESISTANCE AT 520.00 upside 0.11
Strong BUY at 62.05------SATHAISPAT RESISTANCE AT 0.00 upside -100.00


At 1:18 AM, Anonymous mrmoneyguru said...

These stock picks are for the bullish traders out there in the world. I am more conservative


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